Mar 15 2019

Mistake #1 Not Properly Performing a Title Search

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Most land purchases are small in nature, it’s not like buying a single, family house and most buyers of raw land don’t close with a title company because it typically cost $1,000 or more to close on a transaction less than $20,000. Because of not closing with a title company, the new buyer will typically do his or her own title search using the county’s website or simply rely on the word of the seller.

Often when you rely on the county’s websites there is a chance you could miss an entry and as a result, you could be buying a parcel with a lien. Also it’s important to point out that without a proper title search, you are reliant on the government workers who keep the electronic records up to date. I’m not picking on the government workers, I’m just saying that garbage in is garbage out and if an entry as missed electronically you could miss an important filing.
If you are not actually closing with a title company, it’s rare to find one that will only perform a title search for you, this is because it’s such a low margin item, they don’t want to sell you the title search and then not close your purchase.

When you buy land from us, we will give you a copy of the title search we performed, showing that we received a clean title or on some properties where we had to clean the title, we will provide you a report showing that the title is in fact clean. Plus, we sell all of our properties with Warranty Deeds, which brings us to our next mistake. (Mistake #2)

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